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Milk Minder 2000

The MilkMinder is a combined milk tank cooling and wash sequence controller. With a simply to use, but comprehensive software setup programme, engineers can easily fine tune the wash sequence to match the individual farm environment and with just the right amount of chemicals, saves waste and money. Find out more

Aqua Storm

The Aquastorm is our electronic wash controller designed to remove the contamination in milk tanks. Less contamination means less bacterial growth, practically eliminating milk contamination due to dirty pipes and tanks. The Aquastorm can also be used in other industrial cleaning situations due to its flexible wash programme software. Find out more


The EasiKool is our cost-effective cooling solution, most often required in developing markets where automatic wash control is not required or is not affordable by the market. This no frills controller provides the reliability of electronic control without the need of a laptop for configuration changes. Find out more


The Econo-Kool is our ice bank controller that maximises cheap Economy 7 (overnight) electricity to produce as much ice as possible, at the cheapest cost to the dairy farmer. The Econo-Kool has been in production for over 20 years and can pay for itself within 4 months of installation. Find out more

Ice Bank Control

The Ice Bank Controller is our revolutionary ice bank controller, used in the refrigeration, cooling and ice building industries, worldwide. Our unique probe virtually eliminates the need to service or replace the probe due to our AC technology. Find out more